Scholarships and Awards

Congratulations to our 2019 scholarship and award winners!

Scholarship Winner: Tia Grizzle, Fort Lee Federal Credit Union

Delegate of the Year: Andrea Tucker, Marshall Community Credit Union

Volunteer of the Year: Kristine Yori, 2018 Credit Union Youth Ambassador of Pennsylvania

The National Youth Involvement Board annually recognizes outstanding individuals and issues scholarships to its national conference. All scholarship monies come directly from the NYIB Scholarship Fund housed at the National Credit Union Foundation in Madison, Wisconsin. The NYIB Network, state leagues, chapters, state youth boards and individual credit unions are encouraged to contribute to the NYIB Scholarship Fund throughout the year.


Please read the guidelines for each before submitting:

2020 NYIB Award Guidelines
2020 NYIB Scholarship Guidelines

Applications for 2020:
2020 NYIB Award Nomination Form
2020 NYIB Scholarship Application